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Community Acupuncture


Community Acupuncture allows you to enjoy the benefits of acupuncture in a communal healing environment. It offers a great opportunity to bring friends to share a space of peace and rejuvenation.




Current Events:

None scheduled.


Past Events:

New Year Community Acupuncture

Saturday February 9, 2019

Start Times between 4:00-5:00

Come celebrate the Asian New Year of the Pig with Community Acupuncture. Schedule solo or with some friends. Treatment lasts approximately 30 minutes and costs $38.88. We hope to see you!


Spring Community Acupuncture

April 2, 2016

3:00-5:00 time slots; treatment lasts ~30 minutes
  Come join us at our clinic on Saturday April 2nd! Elizabeth and William will be offering community acupuncture between 3:00 and 5:30. Treatments last for approximately 30 minutes and costs $40 per person


Celebrate the Asian New Year!

February 6 2016

Join us in celebrating the new Year of the Fire Monkey on Saturday February 6 2016. During this community acupuncture session provided at the Iowa Acupuncture Clinic you will receive a tune up designed to start off your new year properly. Elizabeth and William will be focusing on balancing the major organs and helping the mind center and reconnect with the body. Unlike private session acupuncture treatments, community acupuncture creates a shared healing experience for the participants.

Treatment lasts 30 minutes.



Winter Healthy Living

November 15 2014

During this community acupuncture session, Elizabeth focused on the meridians that strengthen the Kidneys and Bladder, warming the body and facilitating the flow of Qi and Blood.


Fall Healthy Living

September 20 2014

The Fall event's community acupuncture treatment focused on the meridians that strengthen the Lungs and Large Intestine, facilitating the detoxing of the Liver and the harmonizing of the digestive system to help participants get ready for the crisper weather.



How it Works:

  1. You will be scheduled within a 10-15 minute slot. One or two other individuals may also be scheduled at that time, so treatments are first come, first serve during those scheduled intervals. You shouldn't have to wait more than 15 minutes.
  2. Treatments will take place in various places in our clinic.
  3. All treatment rooms will have open doors so that people can come and go and staff members can check on you without distraction.
  4. Elizabeth and William will be performing acupuncture, and our staff will be available to help with your comfort and to remove needles                                                                           when you are done.
  5. If participating, you should:
    1. Wear comfortable clothing with access from                                                                   elbow to hand and knee to foot.
    2. Avoid wearing perfume or cologne.
    3. Eat before treatment.
    4. Limit caffeine and sweets prior to treatment.
  6. In a group setting, we cannot individualize your                                                                 environment. Sound and music, lighting and                                                                          temperature will be soothing but cannot be adjusted.
  7. Please be aware that others will be resting as you                                                                             come and go; as such, we ask that you be mindful and                                          maintain quietness and peacefulness,
  8. Silence all technological devices. Leave them in a car or at home.
  9. The best effect of Community Acupuncture is the communal healing environment, so enjoy this unique experience!

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