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Community Education and Classes


William and Elizabeth believe strongly in bringing their wisdom and learning to the community. Read below for upcoming events or information on events that have already taken place.


Upcoming Events:

None Scheduled


Past Events:

Fall Healthy Living Lecture

September 20 2014

The hour-long "Fall Healthy Living Lecture" was presented by William Terrell. In it he discussed the uniqueness of the Fall season and provided advice and guidelines on healthy living during this time of year. Recipes, exercises and meditation were topics of conversation.


Healthy Teens for Life

October 15 2013

This lecture and meal focused on the most important lifestyle issues facing young people in modern times. As a product of the modern chemical and processed food, and entertainment focused lifestyle, William brought both personal experience and extensive clinical medical expertise to the table.


Healthy Men, Long Life

September 10 2013

This lecture and meal focused on the uniqueness of the modern male lifestyle. Men are too often ignored and simultaneously lectured by conventional nutrition and lifestyle advice. We know our modern lifestyles are injuring men (they live on average 5 years less than women), but what are we to do? Through his advice, William hopes to see a resurgence in male centered health advice.


Fertility is a Healthy Couple

June 26 2013

This lecture and meal focused on the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle in order to improve or return your fertility. William is a specialist in holistic medicine for fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and pediatric health. He has helped numerous successful pregnancies and enjoys a large pediatric clientele. This lecture provided the essentials to begin a healthier and more fertile lifestyle together.


Healthy Living, Healthy Mind

June 11 2013

This lecture started off the 2013 "Healthy Living Lecture Series" by teaching the basic necessities of a healthy lifestyle. Specific focus will be on chemical/synthetic free living, healthy food choices, moderation of one's lifestyle and focus on mindfulness and the importance of a positive mental outlook.





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