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since 1997

Elizabeth Terrell

MSOM, L.Ac, Dipl. Ac. NCCAOM



Southwest Acupuncture College - MSOM 1995

NCCAOM - Diplomate Acupuncture 1995-present

Colorado - Acupuncture License 1995-1999

New Mexico - Doctor of Oriental Medicine 1996-2000

Iowa - Licensed Acupuncturist 1996-present

Licensed Acupuncturist # A-04 - longest holding license in Iowa

Iowa Acupuncture Clinic - co-founder/owner 1996-present

Iowa Association of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture (IAOMA) - co-founder

20 Years of Clinical Experience


Training / Specialties:


Acupuncture - Japanese, Chinese, Five Element & American styles

Auricular (Ear) Therapy

Herbal Medicine

Diet and Lifestyle Counseling

Japanese Hara Diagnosis & Acupuncture - Kiiko Matsumoto & Skya Abbate

Asian Facial Diagnosis - Richard Tan & Lillian Pearl Bridges

Pediatrics - Julian Scott

Pain Management & Sports Injuries

Chronic & Debilitating Diseases - MS, RA, COPD, etc

Trauma - Emotional and Physical



Gynecology & Fertility

Chinese Astrology & Feng Shui



Her Story:


Elizabeth Whitmore, a native of Des Moines, graduated from the historic Theodore Roosevelt High School.  Seeking a career in service to others, she earned her first professional degree as a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant from Kirkwood College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Upon graduating, she found a job at the Boulder Community Hospital - Mapleton Rehab Center, where she specialized in Hand Therapy and Rehab.


Boulder, Colorado was her first experience in holistic health and wellness, having found a mentor and future colleague in Dr. Johanna Reilly, ND.  Dr. Jo's acupuncture, supplements and dietary advice changed Elizabeth's life by relieving her of lifelong asthma and chronic health issues.


Inspired by the power of Acupuncture and holistic health, Elizabeth headed to Santa Fe, New Mexico to attend the prestigious Southwest Acupuncture College (SWAC), one of the oldest Traditional Acupuncture Schools in the US.


At SWAC, she found her life purpose becoming a healer and medical professional harnessing the history and power of Asian Medicine.  Her passion for helping others merged with the wisdom of ancient medicine.  She especially connected with Japanese Acupuncture, medical herbology, Asian astrology, holistic nutrition, Feng Shui and energy medicine.  Immersing herself in clinical practice and extracurricular education with the likes of Skya Abbate and Kiiko Matsumoto, she found a direction that has guided her ever since.


It was also here that she met her future husband and partner, William Terrell, a Texan with a desire to blend Western and Eastern into modern integrative medicine.  William had begun his acupuncture schooling one year later than Elizabeth, so upon graduating from SWAC in December of 1995, she immediately immersed herself in Asian Medicine by returning to Boulder and joining the practice of Dr. Jo.  Due to the incredible education at SWAC, the younger Elizabeth had matched the knowledge of her mentor in Asian Herbal Medicine and Japanese Acupuncture.  Dr. Jo and Elizabeth have kept their collaborative relationship and friendship alive and well ever since.


As her relationship with William evolved and his graduation from SWAC neared, she returned to New Mexico and became licensed there as she had in Colorado.  William and Elizabeth married in the fall of 1996 just prior to his graduation in December.  The couple had explored many potential future destinations for their practice.  However, the call of her hometown won over the others.  The memories of growing up in Des Moines and suffering with poor health due to the lack of Asian medicine inspired her to bring this ancient wisdom to a town without. She and William moved to Des Moines in December of 1996, opening the Iowa Acupuncture Clinic on January 15, 1997.


See our combined clinic history here to follow the rest of the Iowa Acupuncture Clinic story.


Elizabeth has a passion for her Asian medical practice unmatched by others.  Always a student, she has focused her continuing education in areas such as pediatrics, geriatrics, fertility and gynecology, rheumatology, Japanese Acupuncture, Asian facial diagnosis, traditional pulse and tongue diagnosis, Chinese Astrology and Nutrition.  While responding to any medical condition that she is presented, Elizabeth views her specialties as pain management, chronic & debilitating diseases, infertility, gynecology, sports injuries, trauma (emotional and physical), mental wellness, diet and lifestyle therapy, adolescents and elder care. See: Areas of Specialty


Along with William, Elizabeth leads the Iowa acupuncture profession through dedication, integrity and perseverance.  She is the private strength behind her husband's public persona, choosing to work one-on-one rather than presenting to many.  Her daily contributions to their shared social Facebook profile and clinic pages are filled with humor, compassion and wisdom.


She is a co-founder of the Iowa Association of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture (1998) and worked with William and others to lobby the legislature to pass the historic 2000 Licensed Acupuncture law. Through her network of acupuncture colleagues around the US, she maintains a strong interest and advocacy for her profession.


Elizabeth has a passion and integrity in her healing art because it is her calling, her path in Life, her Tao.  The gift of being a healer is the lifelong bond with patients and community.  She looks forward to each day as an experience in Love, Light and Healing.


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