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since 1997

William Terrell

 MSOM, L.Ac, Dipl. Ac. NCCAOM



University of Texas - Austin, BA Zoology - Premed

Southwest Acupuncture College - MSOM 1996

NCCAOM Diplomate Acupuncture - 1997-present

Iowa - Licensed Acupuncturist 1997-present

Licensed Acupuncturist # A-05 - second longest holding license in Iowa

Iowa Acupuncture Clinic - co-founder/owner 1996-present

Iowa Association of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture (IAOMA) - co-founder

20 Years of Clinical Experience


Training / Specialties:


Acupuncture - American, Chinese & Japanese styles

Auricular (Ear) Therapy

Herbal Medicine

Diet and Lifestyle Counseling

Asian Facial Diagnosis - Richard Tan & Lillian Pearl Bridges



Pregnancy, Labor & Post-partum - studied with Carey Ryan, ARNP Midwife

Pediatrics - Julian Scott

Men's Health

Pain Management

Sports Medicine

Chronic & Debilitating Diseases - MS, RA, COPD, etc.

Trauma - Emotional and Physical

Chinese Astrology & Feng Shui


His Story:


William Terrell, born in Houston, Texas, has lived in many places including Brazil, birthplace of his adopted father.  Throughout all of the changes in his life, he developed a strong desire to explore the human condition and care for others.  Medicine has been his dream since middle school, always answering, "I want to be a Doctor" to that proverbial adolescent question.


Inevitably, something happened when adults heard "Doctor:" they told him their stories about disease, health, paths to wellness and "alternative" remedies.  By the time he attended the University of Texas at Austin, the themes had emerged.  Standard diet advice (low fat, low calorie) wasn't working.  Food colorings and synthetic foods were hurting people.  Patients were confused and often left unwell or injured by their interactions with medicine.  Some maintained a trust in their Doctors and either succeeded or failed, yet were passive in their health.  Others were active in their health. They questioned the medical experts, researched their conditions and sought out answers until they found their own paths toward health.  In an era prior to the expansive Internet, these people read alternative medicine books, subscribed to mail newsletters and talked amongst themselves.  And every now and then, William would hear of a local alternative practitioner.


All of this fed William's passion for knowledge in the history of medicine, nutrition and wellness.  He found that the ever-present modern medicine was quite young and immature compared to spiritual healing, shamanism, naturopathy, homeopathy, herbology, Ayur-Veda and Asian Medicine.  As he became immersed in the Western science of the body, he also explored these older forms of medicine.  It was the ancient wisdom and experience of Asian Medicine that caught his soul and stimulated his intellect.  Its thousands of years of knowledge in the human condition continually provided the correct answers to the questions and conditions of those people who had shared their stories.  A full circle - a beautiful mandala.


Austin, Texas provided the perfect location to explore alternative medicine.  In a time prior to CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) departments in conventional medical schools and the NIH (National Institutes of Health), places like Austin had experienced practitioners.  William spent the last two years of his Zoology BA education seeking out and interacting with various alternative medical practitioners.  From the Chinese Oriental Medical school to the Healthy Practice PC, he met acupuncturists, herbalists, nutritionists, counselors, chiropractors, massage therapists, psychics, astrologers, and shaman.  Each unique professional shared some of their spirit and knowledge, constantly inspiring William to find an alternative to Medical school.


William's search eventually led him to Santa Fe, New Mexico and the prestigious Southwest Acupuncture College.  As in Austin, Santa Fe was perfect for exploring alternative medicine.  William immersed himself in Asian Medicine, finding inspiration and education from the college professors and his diverse classmates.  Studying and practicing Alternative medicine brings a diversity and curiosity that is missing from conventional medicine with its "double-blind" studies and professional medical associations.  One learns more from life experiences than textbooks and laboratories.


Santa Fe also introduced him to his future spouse and partner, Elizabeth Whitmore, a proud Iowan who awed him with her passion, intellect and dedication to her patients.  Being a year behind her at SWAC, he was inspired by her clinical knowledge and success.  As their relationship progressed to marriage, they found a mutual passion for health and Asian medicine.  She introduced him to the need for acupuncture in her hometown of Des Moines, and they agreed to make their home and practice there.


William graduated from Southwest Acupuncture College in December 1996 and the couple immediately moved to Des Moines and founded the Iowa Acupuncture Clinic on January 15, 1997.


To learn more about the clinic history, click here.


While choosing to specialize in Asian medicine, William continues to explore energy medicine, conventional medicine, nutrition and bio-physiology.  The true medicine of the future is integrating all forms of healing into a holistic science and medical art.  Conventional bio-medicine has incredible knowledge and ability to explore the human condition.  Our society is forever changed by genetics, biochemistry and surgery.  However without the wisdom and experience of ancient energy medicine, modern medicine cannot explain how the life force and spirit affects health and disease.  Moreover, the awareness of Qi (life force) allows the medical professional to look for methods to understand and use this powerful healing force.  Whether using one's hand in Healing Touch, an acupuncture needle on a meridian or functional MRIs to measure the magnetic force of the body, Qi is the key to medicine.


William has focused his Asian Medical practice on clinical experience.  His choices of continuing education courses and daily reading on health and medicine reinforce that the clinician should focus on a patient's health and alleviating disease.  Asian and holistic medicine has the capacity to help with any health or medical condition, and that is William's specialty.  In addition, he specializes in fertility, gynecology, pediatrics, men's health, sport's medicine, diet and lifestyle therapy, spiritual and emotional health and organic living. See: Areas of Specialty


In addition to his clinical practice, William is also well known in the community as an educator and public speaker.  From the beginning of the Iowa Acupuncture Clinic, William has accepted invitations to educate any group from kids and seniors to medical students and professionals.  He is an active leader of his Licensed Acupuncture profession.  He is a co-founder and current chair of the Iowa Association of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture.  With his leadership, the acupuncture profession has progressed from its original 1993 Registered Acupuncture law to a modern Licensed Acupuncture profession, having lead the successful campaign in 1998-2000 to pass a Licensed Acupuncturist legislation.  He is often the lead liaison to the Iowa Board of Medicine, the Iowa medical societies, the Chiropractic profession and other various state and national professional organizations.


As with his spouse, Elizabeth, William has found his soul path, or Tao, is medicine.  The richness of the human condition and the vastness of the history of medicine constantly stimulates his core and his intellect.


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