Iowa Acupuncture Clinic will continue to operate normal hours, until further notice.

As a medical clinic it is our responsibility and honor to serve our community. Acupuncture and Asian medicine are very valuable for protecting and treating people in regard to immunity and disease.

       As medical professionals we will continue to follow proper sanitary procedures. Additionally, due to the unknown nature of community spread of Covid-19, we will implement the following changes:

  1. We will minimize the number of people together in our waiting room.

  2. In order to accomplish this, please wait in your vehicle and call (515-331-8948) or text

    (515-201-5001). We will then let you know when your treatment room is ready and you can

    go directly in and wait for Bill or Elizabeth to come treat you.

  3. Please refrain from bringing unnecessary visitors. Care workers and dependent family are

    still welcome.

  4. If you have any signs of Covid-19 illness (fever, cough, shortness of breath) or have had

    direct contact with someone who has, we will respectfully ask you not to enter our clinic. However, please let us know if you are in need of herbal medicine and we can bring it out to your vehicle or arrange another method of delivery. As with all illnesses, there are a number of traditional herbal and lifestyle remedies that can help. We do not want you to miss anything that can help your body and mind in this time of stress and community dis-ease.

       We will be posting various Facebook Posts with ideas for helping your immune system and maintaining mental wellness during this time of unique social stress.


Thank you for your patience and care for our clinic.

       We truly appreciate your business.

       Bill, Elizabeth, Gail, Alisha & Jess.

The Iowa Acupuncture Clinic

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