Covid-19 FAQ

How has the Covid-19 Pandemic affected the Iowa Acupuncture Clinic?

As with the rest of the World, our clinic and staff have been tremedously affected by Covid-19. The clinic has been open normal business hours since May 16 after closing for 7 weeks to abide by the Governor's request to limit businesses. At the moment we believe keeping our clinic open to serve the health and well-being of our community is the proper action. We will continue to be vigilant in our sanitation, social distancing and mask wearing.

How will the clinic be different due to the Covid-19 pandemic?

Socially, we will miss the handshakes, fist bumps, hugs and pats we have always valued with our wonderful clientelle. But for now Covid-19 requires some special rituals. We will be closing our waiting room. Instead, we will ask people to wait outside or in their vehicles. Call call of text: 515-201-5001 when you arrive and we will let you know when you can come in. Instead of waiting in the public area, we will have you wait in a private treatment room. Our clinic has always practice medical sanitary protocols; but, we will increase the level to match this pandemic. Most importantly, we will be trying to minimize social contact around and in our clinic. At this time, we will all be wearing face masks and eliminating the social contacts with our patients. However, as medical professionals, we will still need to access your physical body for diagnosis and treatment. And we will keep this as sanitary as we always have. Our face rests have always been cleaned with a anti-viral solution between visits, but if you would prefer not to use one, either bring your own, your own cover, or we can accomodate a different position.
We will also minimize the amount of paperwork by directing people to online forms. You can opt to have your clinic charges to be sent via email and pay from your own device or computer. However, you can still use our Square customer payment pad, which is contact-less with no signature required. We will sanitize it between uses.

Is the Clinic open?

On May 16, the Iowa Acupuncture Clinic returned to operating normal hours and treating patients with acupuncture.

What are the new clinic vist procedures?

1. We will minimize the number of people together in our waiting room, and physical interactions with our clinic materials. 2. Prior to your visit, please fill out your intake forms online:
Please follow the instructions on your appointment confirmation emails. 3. We will be closing our waiting room and instead asking you to please wait in your vehicle. When you arrive call ( 515-331-8948) or text ( 515-201-5001). We will let you know when your treatment room is ready and we will escort you to your room and wait for Bill or Elizabeth to come treat you. 4. We will be following all mask mandates/suggestions from the Public Health Officials. We will request that all people wear face masks when in the common areas of the clinic. If you wish to remove the mask in the treatment room, or during your treatment, please feel free to do so. 5. Please refrain from bringing unnecessary visitors. Care workers and dependent family are still welcome. Ideally they would wait in your vehicle while you get your treatment. 6. If you have any signs of Covid-19 illness (fever, cough, shortness of breath) or have had direct contact with someone who has, we will respectfully ask you not to enter our clinic. However, please let us know if you are in need of herbal medicine and we can bring it out to your vehicle or arrange another method of delivery. As with all illnesses, there are a number of traditional herbal and lifestyle remedies that can help. We do not want you to miss anything that can help your body and mind in this time of stress and community dis-ease.

Do you require masks?

Yes, and all staff will also be wearing them. You can ask to remove your mask in the treatment room. Additionally, you do not need to wear them when you are receiving the acupuncture treatment.