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Elizabeth and William are the longest standing licensed acupuncturists in the state of Iowa, having opened the Iowa Acupuncture Clinic in 1997. Elizabeth graduated from the Southwest Acupuncture College in 1995, and William in 1996.

To be a licensed acupuncturist, practitioners must have:

1. Successfully completed a three-year post-secondary training program or acupuncture college program which is accredited by and meets the standards of the National Accreditation Commission for Schools and Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

2. Current active status as diplomats of the NCCAOM

3. Successfully completed a course in Clean Needle Technique approved by the NCCAOM.

They must also complete 60 hours of Continuing Education every 4 years.
For more information on Acupuncture Licensure in Iowa, visit the Iowa Board of Medicine's website.

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