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Areas of Specialty

        The Iowa Acupuncture Clinic is a holistic acupuncture clinic and we treat any condition that presents.  Below is a listing of our specialties. Some conditions can be quickly improved and others can take months of work.  No matter the situation, our clinic seeks to help the individual gain health and wellness.

For more information on the benefits of acupuncture make sure to follow the various links at the bottom of this page.

Fertility & Reproductive Health

        Elizabeth and William have helped many individuals and couples with their fertility goals and overall reproductive health. Some of the clinic's most frequent calls are from individuals looking for help with infertility, labor induction, and related issues.  Having collaborated and consulted with midwives for decades, the Terrell’s are extensively knowledgeable about pregnancy and postpartum.
Pregnancy and Postpartum: morning sickness * fatigue * threatened miscarriage * swelling * weight issues * delayed or difficult labor * post-partum care * postpartum depression * milk supply * mastitis
Female Disorders: painful menses *PMS * menstrual irregularity * fibroids * UTI * cystitis, infertility * prolapse * pain during sex * vaginal dryness
Peri- & Menopause: early menopause * hot flashes * night sweats * insomnia * erratic menses * emotions * weigh gain/loss * hair thinning
Men’s Health: impotence * ED * enlarged prostate * low sperm count * low sex drive * genital pain * urinary difficulty * man-opause


       The Iowa Acupuncture Clinic is honored to treat all patients, no matter their age or size. Acupuncture, acupressure and/or herbal remedies can be tailored to nearly every constitution, and can be safe and effective in helping children from their newborn days up to and through adulthood.  As parents, Elizabeth and William enjoy getting to know and care for young children.   Ask for our kids treatment room stocked with books and toys.
 Examples: childhood illnesses * weight-gain or loss * teething & growing pains * eczema * allergies * behavior issues * ADHD * mother and child co-health


        Puberty is a time of great change physically, mentally and emotionally.  Our clinic has many tools to help.  We have been successful treating most conditions associated with puberty:
Examples: growing pains * acne * emotions * headaches * insomnia * fatigue * asthma * allergies * sports injuries

Mental Health:

       Acupuncture helps to regulate the mental connection to the organ systems and meridians within our bodies. Often times, emotional or mental distress results from imbalances in the body that are affected by what we eat and drink, what we do, and who we interact with. Regaining balance within ourselves thus helps alleviate many kinds of mental health issues.
 Examples: ADD * anxiety * depression * insomnia * irritability * stress *compulsive behavior * disturbed dreams.

Digestion & Metabolism:

        The Iowa Acupuncture Clinic uses lifestyle and nutrition advice as well as acupuncture and herbs in order to most effectively help our patients. Certain foods, drinks, and other substances can be great allies in the healing process, while others are our enemies. Combining treatment and nutrition advice allows us to better help each patient who walks into the clinic.  In addition, we often successfully treat the following:
Examples: bad breath * poor appetite * nausea and vomiting * hiccups * gastritis * stomach aches * ulcers *diarrhea * constipation * enteritis * irritable bowels * hemorrhoids * intestinal pain *bowel incontinence.

Acute & Chronic Pain:

        Whether the pain is old, new, constant, or intermittent, acupuncture can help relieve it. Pain is one of the most common reasons people seek out acupuncture, and often get great relief.  When the pain condition cannot be fully resolved, acupuncture and herbal medicine can be a viable alternative to pharmaceutical pain management.

Examples: headaches and migraines * fibromyalgia * arthritis * rheumatism * bursitis * tendonitis * carpal tunnel syndrome * hand pain * sciatica * muscle injury * post-operative pain * toothache
Fun fact: Acupuncture has even been used for anesthesia during surgery!

Sports & Work Injuries

       Acupuncture is highly effective in treating injuries with inflammation, swelling, and pain. Our experience is that acupuncture shortens the duration and severity of the injury.  We also have incredible herbal and homeopathic remedies for immediate treatment of injuries.  We carry several Tie Tah Formulas.  These are ancient remedies derived from martial arts medicine.  Ask us about Yunnan Pai Yao, the wonder stop-bleeding formula!
Examples: blunt trauma injuries * recovery from cuts, lacerations and surgeries *  strained or sprained muscles/tendons/ligaments * torn meniscus * injured joints * post-trauma headaches * neuralgia.

More Conditions Treatable with Acupuncture

Immune System: AIDS complications * autoimmune disorders * ear infections * low immunity * tonsillitis  
Habit/Drug Control: alcohol withdrawal * smoking cessation * weight control * drug/substance addictions
Respiratory: allergies * asthma * bronchitis * common cold * sinusitis * COPD
Cardiovascular: hypertension * low blood pressure * arrhythmia * stroke rehabilitation * poor circulation * limb ulcerations
Others: acne * psoriasis * fluid retention * conjunctivitis * hearing loss * hypoglycemia * low energy * chronic fatigue

Links to online sources about the benefits of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine:

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