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Personalized Herbal Medicine Therapy

Our clinic practitioners offer online/virtual/in-person individualized herbal medicine therapy. 

Basically, you will complete some in depth online forms and we will evaluate the information, contact you with follow-up questions and suggest herbal medicines you can buy from our clinic, either online or thru our staff via phone or in-person. In order to properly provide you care, we will be formally adding you to our clinic as a patient.  This is the same process as our in-person acupuncture patients.


And as a bonus, if you ever visit our clinic for acupuncture you will already be established. 

Please fill in the contact form below.

It will connect you to our online forms.

Once we receive them, we will contact you via email, text or phone.

All names, contact info and other data is kept completely confidential and maintained solely in our private medical clinic.  

We never ever share your information.


Proceed to online herbal medicine intake forms

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